About Codescratch

Our Vision

Codescratch was started by a team of engineers with a shared vision of software development in which rapid feedback and common sense are favored over ironclad blueprints and unquestioned processes. We understand the value of a solid upfront design, but also accept that evolution is a natural part of the software lifecycle, and should be embraced, not fought.

We leverage our technical strengths to construct an optimal solution to any problem, no matter the scale. We take pride in our craft, keeping current with software trends so we can choose the best tools for the job while avoiding overhyped fads embraced by others that may endanger the long-term maintainability of your application.


Craig Wickesser

Craig is a renaissance technologist. He is a true fullstack developer. Developing UIs, APIs, backend distributed processing software, and leveraged CM solutions to deploy cutting edge technologies and build out infrastructures. He has evolved into the developer not always looking for the shiny technology but the correct stable technology that still will push the envolope as to what is possible. He has contributed to opensource software and contributed to a variety of technology publications. He also made a failed run at being a chicken farmer, fortunately that has nothing to do with his day job.

John Locke

John holds a BS in Computer Science from Lehigh University and a MS in computer science from The University of Maryland, College Park. John has personally designed solutions for projects ranging from a personnel scheduling interface to an embedded network scanner & geolocator, seeing these projects through from requirements gathering to delivery. He considers himself a full-stack developer, adept at handling database modeling and administration, server design and implementation, and user interface development on web and Android platforms. In his free time, he spends entirely too much time figuring out how to overcomplicate his home with unnecessary automation, and considers skydiving to be a perfectly rational activity.

Shaun O’Connell

Shaun is constantly trying to find the engineering elegance in simple solutions for complex systems. He has spent his career designing, debugging, and coding complex large scale systems solving a variety of problems in many sectors. He’s taken ideas from inception to implementation and reworked existing software solutions to meet new customer demands. He views himself as an integrated member of the team and not just a hired developer. If he ever prefaces a sentence with “last thought” know that is never his last thought.

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