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Working for customers in the Intelligence Community provides some of the most interesting and inspiring work available. We’re always on the lookout for opportunities where our engineers can make a significant impact to the mission, while also enabling them to continue to grow their careers. We strive to have minimal business overhead expenses and efficient back-office processes, always favoring rewarding employees to corporate infrastructure. This allows us to put more money in your pocket, the person making the biggest impact for our customers!

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Below you’ll find simple, up front information to help you in your job search with less hassle. If you do have questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


We are proud to offer a stellar 401(k) plan to every employee on day one. Codescratch contributes 15% of your earnings each pay period, on top of any contribution you choose to make - it’s that simple. No vesting schedule, no lump sum, no gotchas! Our team members stick around because they love the company, not because of gimmicks.


As an employee, you’re eligible for medical coverage for yourself, partner, or family. We provide an additional 12% above your earnings to cover your medical insurance requirements (in some cases completely pay for). These options are à la carte, and additional unused funds are deposited directly into your paycheck. By providing this flexibility, we strive to let you craft a benefit structure that works best for you.

We offer plans for the following:

Work-life Balance

“Keep it simple” is a principle we can all rally behind, and that’s how we approach balancing work with everyday life. Our team members are paid by the hour. This provides you with the flexibility to take time off without having to “burn a whole day”, while also being able to work “extra” hours to fill in the gaps, if you choose. You’ll also be duly compensated if you’re ever faced with burning the midnight oil at crunch time. And if you happen to catch a cold and need to take a sick day, we’ve also got you covered with dedicated sick leave.